Pretty Hair

1. The conditioner is its better friend! While you all must these conditional its hair during the year, she becomes especially important during the winter months. Cold time and dry heat can easily suck the humidity of its sedentas braids already. If you do not keep a programming regularly hidratao with conditioner, now you are the hour to start. 2. Apare well and apare frequent.

Since that the hair is drier during the winter months is more inclined the damages and breakings. Regular cuts if become still more important to prevent double tips and hair in addition. 3. It prevents to brush the hair quite frequently uses a wide tooth comb for some times. The cold air of the wind leaves the dry and fragile hair that if become entangled easily. If you know that its hair is inclined to become entangled when it will be enters in cold air makes with that its hair if become entangled, it charges them of the cold wind with a handkerchief or headress and keeps a wide tooth comb in its stock market to comb cabelosuavemente of time in how much, hindering emaranhamentos great in end of the day. 4.

Little Shampoo uses, to make this during the hot months does not have problem, its necessary hair of all the humidity that it can obtain! To wash the hair every day during the cold months is so bad (if not worse) of quemergulhar the head weekly in a chlorinated swimming pool during the summer months. One remembers, the water of the tap also contains a series of chemical products and this harms its hair, then the less to better wash its hair in the cold months with shampoo. 5. It prefers cold, and not hot water. This can seem madness, but he is optimum for its hair! When you wash the hair, wash in water (not fervente) morna and finish with a cold water to rinse. Hot water steals the humidity still more and cold water inside leaves the humidity of the hair Moreover, prevents the drier, if you will be able, but if you will not be possible, you dry in an environment more cold this you minimize the problems that the dried cause. Its hair will go to be thankful! Hair and Company

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