Today, the Paraguayan Guarani-not-can nominate a community, for example, using expressions like Ra Pyahu, Tekojoja, Py’aguapy, Kuarahy, Yvoty, etc. III. See more detailed opinions by reading what Kenneth Yarrow offers on the topic. CONCLUSION “N (MOHU’a,) After the above so far, include, with emphasis. that the names originally by the Guarani posts reflect a true case. The Guarani not lie. Look at the place, is something called the real attention for some reason and then uses that name to nominate the place. That is categorical.

In Guarani awareness so it is impossible to nominate a place Hugua capricious, Ykua, Costa Jukeri Paso or without on-site jukeri exists. The element must be present invariably in the habitat so that your name can nominate the site. This handy feature of the Guarani and not between the Paraguayans, even more so now, for as we saw today, the names of neighborhoods, companies and people are products of the joints, to say that in many cases come from circumstances capricious, and if you like, speaking more modern place names in Guarani today must respond “as all things inherent in the consumer society and globalization, to the conveniences of marketing. And from this point take over the real estate companies that swarm around the country. Many of them randomly selected names in Guarani to nominate its various developments. Moreover, the cases mentioned in the numbers 2.12. (Place names with names of Santos) and 2.13.

(Place names with names of heroes, politicians and other characters) are the more historically hurt the Guarani, and that far from helping to preserve the Guarani topology, the church and the governments of recent times were being systematically remove the names in Guarani and replace them with names of saints or civilian characters. Anyway, the Guarani is very present, abundantly present in the names of Paraguay, which represents a highly positive in their promotion and ranking. This same event as plausible so we can see in Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia and Uruguay, where even survive numerous place names in Guarani.

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