The subjects that confront inopportunely have bad adjustment, and more in the soccer, that demands instantaneous answers, spontaneous or natural, own of the game. To the fan it likes to argue on the questions of Mourinho, the answers of Guardiola, the sentences of Squares or thanks of I itched, and are afraid of its managers because they understand that often they sobreact or they as much measure his messages that sound to interested, no matter how hard they can mark the policy of the institution. It interests mainly that the objective is clear. There is no doubt on the intentions of Florentine, an industralist futbolero, eager to compete with Bernabu. To Rosell it moves on the contrary an austere speech to him and of containment, own of a president of an administration advice that of a club, like exerted of industralist when it assumed that it interested soccer mainly to him. It is not easy to decipher to Rosell. The series against Madrid left him in out of play, out of place by the contentious one, needed an idling to find the retort politically correct that gave satisfaction to the different parts. Prisoner of the announcement of which he would only speak to end of season, when there was not fire risk, the president took the word to be at least peacefully with itself. And, although the circumstances played in his against, fulfilled their promise and articulated a speech that worked institutionally by the same rule of three which it had delayed his intervention by a question of " responsibility social". Hours later, nevertheless, its appearance had expired because Madrid already had given back the ball that as much took in putting into play the Bara. Source of the news: : The brown one of Rosell

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