For Marx

Today, one coexists a desregulada atmosphere of the social, economic life and politics. This atmosphere converges with an atmosphere of rigidity and immobility to the global level of the society. The society presents a behavior where everything seems negotiable and transformvel to the level of the company and the family, the party or the union, but at the same time nothing of new it seems possible all to the level of the society in its or of our personal life while members of the society. (SAINTS, 1995. p 89) the capitalism obtained to reach principles of repression, alienation and unidimenso, being created a capitalist culture and a new personality human being. The age of the dismissable ones aggravated the situation still more. With the technological and scientific development it was possible to synthecize new materials this in great amount without an evaluation of the consequences of its use.

The Land does not possess conditions to daily absorb the extreme amount of residues generated for more than the six billion human beings that in it inhabit. The consumption culture is closely on to the problem of the garbage in the present time. 4 SOCIAL INAQUALITY and RECICLADORES For Marx ' ' the capitalism was an unjust and exceeded model of economic organization of sociedade' ' (KOPELKE, 2006, p.23). The domination of the superior classroom (bourgeois, the capitalist ones, the rich ones) on the social class that was the mass (the laborers, the poor persons) generated many social inaqualities. The social inaqualities had not occurred accidentally, and yes they had been produced by a set of relations that enclosed the spheres of the social life. They had originated from a contradictory relation, where a classroom produces to another one dominates. Consequences of this system of domination were the increase of the social problems. Today we coexist the problem of the increase of population, of the unemployment, the deep differences between the few that have much and many that have little e, consequently, we witness the hunger, the poverty, the misery daily.

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