The Elites

The pertaining to school expanses, that if verified to count then, were affected by this fight, because it oscillated enters decurrent social necessities of the development of the capitalist relations and entailed fears to the fight of classrooms that if deepened at the same time in linking dialectic with the developed related one, a fight where different groups defended different ideas. Of the fight for the hegemony and the consensus crossing in such a way the civil society how much the system of organization of the culture where the fight for is the same felt. This fight assumed in characteristic the educational land assaz contradictory, a time that the pertaining to school system, in contrast to then, started to suffer, of a side, the social pressure of education, each more demanding time more increasing and each time, in substance of democratization of education and, of another side, the control of the elites kept in the power, that they searched by all means available, to contain the popular pressure, for the limited distribution of schools, and, through the legislation of education, to keep its eletrizante character. What it was verified, from there, was the fact of the expansion of the system pertaining to school, inevitable, to have? if processed of run over form, improvised, acting the state more as seen to the attendance the pressures of the moment of what properly with sights to one national politics of education. therefore that the distribution of educational chances grew, but this that grew the distribution of educational chances, but this growth does not become of satisfactory form, nor in relation to the amount, nor in relation to the quality. The type of school that passed to expand was to the same one until then will educate the elites and this expansion, obeying, as already the pressure of the controlled demand was said and for, never ran it of form that became universal of adjusted and enough gratuitous and elementary form of education, obeying the norms of proper instability of a deeply marked heterogeneous society with a cultural inheritance.

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