Construction Work

In order for construction works at all stages have been carried out properly, but the customer did not have problems with the subsequent operation of facilities, with the paperwork should not be allowed errors. Some specific types of work the contractor may request the company to perform subcontractor. In this case, the main contractor who hires subcontractors, called the general contractor. We should mention that firms subcontractors often are involved primarily in cases where for any work required a special permit. Most often it happens that there is no general contractor, for example, required a license for survey work. The owner's consent for the subcontractor for a particular type of activity, according to the current legislation is not required.

This is reflected in the contract for the construction or not – in any case All legal responsibility for the progress of construction for the general contractor. Gaps subcontractors also on the conscience of the general contractor. Another common situation – when a customer at the per floor construction of buildings Directs a certain part works with another contractor. In this scenario, the fate of co-operation with the new contractor – in the hands of the general contractor: without his consent to sign a new contract – even for a related work – will not succeed. In addition, a general contractor in this case, removed all legal liability for that portion of construction work performed by another contractor.

Developer must always special attention should be paid to the aspect of performance time specified in the work contract. Often a specific time frame stipulated in the schedule of performance, which is an annex to the main text of the treaty. Agreement on general contractor for the construction of a mandatory cost of doing work. The price for building and construction works are often not formed as a specific amount, as calculated by the method of calculation. In The initial indicators are taken as a rule, tariffs imposed by government agencies. The price for the services of a general contractor for construction is obtained as the total remuneration of the contractor and compensation costs, which he will suffer during the construction process. In addition to the general contractor contract is always drawn up cost estimates, called it necessary to justify the cost of work, which lists the types and terms of works, materials used, etc. Estimates – an essential attribute of the contract general contractor for construction. Her drawing – an essential stage of preparatory work. Estimates are divided into 'hard' and rough. The latter type of estimates made in case of For objective reasons at the time of signing the contract to specify exactly the entire amount of required materials and labor is not possible.

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