World Environmental Organization Forum

Otherwise the world will reach critical thresholds of climate change. un Secretary General Ban Ki-moon urged the leaders of major industrialized countries in the world to go first to make concessions restrictions on industrial emissions. The largest manufacturers of harmful industrial emissions into the atmosphere now are China and the U.S President Hu Jintao, speaking at the un summit, promised that China will reduce by 2020 the harmful industrial emissions. President Barack Obama during a speech at the summit said that industrialized countries should leave behind the debate on environmental issues and fight together for the salvation of the planet. The U.S.

president spoke about how much America does to protect the environment, has promised that it will do more, and stressed the difficulties of the present moment. French President Nicolas Sarkozy invited the heads of states and governments of countries that produce the largest number of harmful emissions into the atmosphere to hold another summit in mid-November on limiting greenhouse gas emissions before the final conference in Copenhagen. In addition, Carkozi called for establishment of a World Environmental Organization Forum in Copenhagen. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has found extremely useful discussions held during the summit un climate change. According to him, the international community fully able to agree on the text of the new agreement restricting harmful industrial emissions, at the December conference in Copenhagen. In Russia Rally 'World Car Free Day' on September 22 in many countries around the world took action 'World Car Free Day'. It was first held in 1998 in France – from the day of an annual tradition overlap all the roads of central Paris.

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