Hard Work Pays Off

Work harder on yourself, in your work. – Jim Rohn This is without a doubt, the first step of the way to success. Discover your full potential and realize what you are and have been able to do and achieve. But something curious. It turns out that on our planet every living thing seems to strive to their fullest potential, except humans. For example, what a tree grows so high? Response. At most, as high as you can! Or have you ever seen a tree that grew at half capacity? And I just decided to give only part of their potential.

Imagine a tree thinking. – Mmm, I think this spring will give only half of the fruit could give. At the end of the day I’ll take a break! Does it seem ridiculous to you? And look what is really ridiculous. Human beings have the ability to choose. We can choose to be all or less. We can decide to reach the maximum of our potential or be content with what little we have achieved. Why not overburdening your full potential and be all you can be? I think this is an important reflection.

Do you ever stop to think are your chances “real”? What can you achieve, have or do in your life? I want to clarify the question, What is your full potential? That potential, that you are not applying to your life now. Since you are not achieving what you’ve ever dreamed … Why? Perhaps, with the last thing I wrote, you’re thinking: How can you generalize? I have my house, a job that pays me well, a car and a family that I appreciated. Besides, I have my children in good schools and go to have fun with my friends on weekends. What more could you ask for?! But I want you to think for a moment, if that’s what you dreamed of as kids. “Wanted to have or be what you have now or are you? … What do you think is the reason why we do not have everything you ever wanted? Most people spend their lives seeking out the problem or the justification of why not have the successful. What is it?, Is the government? “, The country?, Is the city?, Does my boss?, Is my family?, Does my partner? and spend looking outside, where the answer is inside. A phrase you should consider is this: “If things go wrong out there is something wrong inside.” Surely the cause is closer than you think. Many authors have written on this subject. But in short, everything that happens outside you, it is simply a reflection of your interior.

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