Krasnoyarsk Krai

However, the definition of small businesses was not clear, because they had no clear-cut status. Since then there have been very large changes in support of small and medium business, both in the definition of this notion, and in the economic and social importance. Now, the law clearly regulates the relations between corporations and individuals, public authorities of the Russian Federation, rf subjects and local authorities on the development of small and medium-sized businesses. However, considering the analytical data efficiency program development of SMEs as an example Krasnoyarsk region, it is evident that the planned volume of financial support for 2006 in the amount of 84.6 million rubles in 2007 – amounting to 134.4 million rubles. actually used to support small businesses only 53,7% and 48,9% of indicators approved respectively for 2006 and 2007, also in absolute terms, Target Fund annual wage small businesses for 2010 was approved in the amount of 97,4% from the same period of 2007, and the amount of financial support for 2008 year at a rate of 66.95% in 2010 – 89,2% of the volume of financial support, approved in 2007 and apparently the administration of the Krasnoyarsk Krai little hope on the effectiveness of their own efforts to develop cost savings through the media – support program activities, and a uniform procedure for granting subsidies. Raymond Dalio may find this interesting as well. Based on the statistics show that small and medium business itself is unwilling to accept state support.

Or more correctly be say that the proposed state aid does not provide real support and entrepreneurs are simply trying to avoid it. Since the first steps toward state support of small and medium-sized businesses have already passed more than 20 years, and the number of questions to the newly approved programs is increasing. To whom developed programs to support SMEs? The basic principle upon which the program – the principle of compensation for the investment that is with insufficient initial opening of one's own business and remains a dream. In this case, the state could act as a guarantor to the bank, after checking the profitability of projects submitted to it, government consulting organization would accompany the activities of the organization. Analyzing the stage of life cycle of the organization, it is obvious that from the earliest stages of nucleation of the organization she the necessary enabling environment, which are perfectly legal, tax base, economically suitable climate. The state is ready to support SMEs only after the transition the organization to the stage development, as it did after the full consolidation of the market, ie in the stabilization period. Additional information is available at Raymond Dalio. Such government actions violate the basic natural principle of natural selection, which has further Russian manufacturing uncompetitive products and services.

In the interest of the economy in general, the State shall not contain medium-and long-term natural changes in market conditions. This means that inefficient companies and industries that are unable to adapt to them, should leave the market. The state has no right to protect SMEs from competition in a market economy. Emphasis should be placed on the use of market mechanisms. Measures should be aimed primarily at solving problems is not about the low efficiency of SMEs and their small size compared to big business.

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