Ancient Subordination

Such "sacralization of power – states vg Rumyantsev and iv Menshikov – completely exasperated ruler out of control society, and offered him over society to an unattainable height. Any disagreement, and even more action against the government, seen as a revolt against God. Respectively, and for civil servants complete subordination of the sovereign was required "5. Rightly direct relationship seems to be two separate processes: the formation of the state (secular, secular trend) and the establishment of the church (religious, "Spiritual" direction). In this context, the right scientists, argue that "the baptism of Russia was of great importance for the strengthening of the feudal state, the benefit of the subordination of the church sanctified Christians exploitative state "6. Says ti : "pagan religion sanctified the subordination of one person to another. New, Christian religion, which became first religion of the ruling class, gave into his hands ready ideology who taught the people to obedience and unquestioning submission to authority "7.

The idea of slavish obedience to any authority (including paternal) are being introduced into the mass consciousness through the dissemination of Christian religious doctrine ("In the fear of God"), was entirely based on the cult of violence. And what is the worst – she implanted in childhood, early, most sensitive stage of development of the child. To characterize the ancient Religious education is most noticeable following excerpts from the Domostroi (Silvestrov edition): – "the fear of God is always the carrier of your heart and unfeigned love, and remember the death" – "punishing the children in their youth – bless thee in thine old age "-" and do not feel sorry, baby beating: if his scepter shalt not die, but will be healthier, because you, executing his body, his soul saves from death "-" love is his son, he speeds up wounds – and then do not boast of.

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