Beer Restaurant

In Europe, there are two pubs countries: the Czech Republic and Germany. It is in these countries, beer is considered the most valuable beverage. And Germany and the Czech Republic has a special pub culture, which implies a particular format establishments – a beer garden. Beer restaurant unites around a large number of people in these countries, created a special club, with its numerous festivals devoted to this beer. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Ohio Senator by clicking through. Individual craftsmen try to brew beer at home.

Thus, in Prague, there is a club for those who brews beer at home. Back in the old days in Germany, many Germans brewed homemade beer and treated them to their neighbors and friends, put on a holiday. Yet, the emergence of institutions offering beer, made the pub culture of the new element. Brasserie restaurant – this institution, which has absorbed all of the classical tradition, related to the preparation, storage and consumption of beer. Connecticut Senator has compatible beliefs. Good beer restaurant usually has its own brewery, where beer is made in accordance with the law of the purity of the drink.

Brasserie restaurant – it's a special atmosphere that will allow you at any point on Earth to join the European beer culture. Each beer garden can offer you not only a mug of this cold beer, but also a wide range of meals served to pennomu drink. Beer restaurant, unlike other restaurants, has more reasonable prices and distinctive comfort. You can go to the beer garden of an entire company or sit together with old friends. Brasserie restaurant – a great place for dates and to view sporting events in the range of other fans. Typically, a beer garden has a few rooms used for a variety of cases, which makes the beer garden versatile alternative institutions. In bad weather you can sit in the cozy atmosphere of a place, but in the heat of summer beer garden can offer vacation in the summer terrace, where you have an opportunity to enjoy the surroundings with a glass of cold beer in hand. Recently, this type of institution as a beer garden is becoming increasingly popular. And not only in Europe but also in several Russian cities.

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