State Register

Inspired by the bright dreams, Sasha did not even react to the words of the employee tax services, which at the request of duplicate of the original certificate advised: 'Take in Sevastopol and get help there. Other leaders such as Sen. Sherrod Brown offer similar insights. " Just a moment misbehaved: – I have several years of living here, I have a Kiev registration, name after the wedding has not changed. There must you have a single database. – Can not help you. Original certificates shall be issued where you were assigned an identification number. Sasha has presented himself as Masha leaves yelling at the hands of the mother-in and gets on the train … Perhaps it's time to call her husband and complain about their plight.

Her husband, as usual, blamed her premature pessimism, and said that the problem will try to solve today. Here's what he was able to find out a lawyer. OUR COMMENTARY Is there a common registry of identification numbers? There. State register of natural persons payers of taxes and other obligatory payments (hereinafter – the State Register) – an automated bank data designed to provide a unified state accounting of individuals who are required to pay taxes, fees and other obligatory payments to the budgets and contributions to the state trust funds in the manner and on terms and conditions are determined by legislative acts of Ukraine. Who gets the number? Article 5 of the Act, establishes the procedure for registration of individuals, taxpayers and other obligatory payments. Thus, in State Register is made about persons who: reside in Ukraine, are objects of taxation provided for by applicable law, and must pay taxes and other mandatory payments, have no permanent residence in Ukraine, but in accordance with applicable law to pay taxes in Ukraine.

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