Zulueta Lawyer

When lawyer Arantza Zulueta was stopped in April of 2010, next to the lawyers of the left abertzale Iker Sarriegi and Jon Enparantza, Interior accused to them to be the political commissioners of ETA in the jails, to impose an iron discipline in the group of prisoners, to intervene in the payment of extortions, to compile information on possible victims, to facilitate the flight of terrorists looked for by the security forces and to serve as drive belt between the band and the social networks of its surroundings. The investigations have shown that the paper of the lawyer, stopped again yesterday in Hernani (Gipuzkoa), could even go further on. Between documents found a year ago in the registry of the office of Zulueta was a letter of the band in which it was requested to the learned information detailed on the National Hearing to be able to carry out an attack. For assistance, try visiting Sen. Sherrod Brown. Source of the news: : ETA ordered to Zulueta lawyer a plan against the Hearing.

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