Water World Landscape Design

Scenarios of this garden is set in a few planes. Just before the house built in the German style, offers guest area – well lighted area, stone tiling, which makes its way through the moss. Here are forged benches with wooden seats and floor vases of beautiful flowers. Neighbourhoods given "farmed out" to plants. There is a FAILED "grand piano in the bushes" – a fountain-like geyser.

Water spray foam strikes on the rock in bulk, moves and sways with the slightest breeze, flickering at night due to lighting. Near planted moisture-loving plants – and the globe-marigold with bright yellow flowers. In the neighborhood are located irises and buzulyshki, also not alien to the water element. Tom fell in water organic concept of the garden. This is easy to see by visiting and in the back yard.

Its composition is developing "spiral" around a spherical three-meter pool chrome rails, it provides for water heating, there is an undercurrent and filtration system. You can swim to the end of November. The adjacent area creates the illusion the beach. She filled up a shallow river gravel pinkish hue, which is nice to walk barefoot. The swimming pool there are sun loungers and haytekovskom chrome chaise longue in the form of windsurfing sails. Nearby weeping willow planted. The next circle – neatly trimmed lawn framed by a stone wall from the wild sandstone. Stone crimson shade paved rough machined side effects for the natural environment. The work is very subtle, and it seems that this wall natural origin and that it was always here.

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