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Electrodes – elements of the welding circuit for supplying current to the work piece. The electrodes are divided into metallic and nonmetallic. Metal electrodes – melting involved directly in the formation of weld, and non-consumable, for supplying current to the product, filler metal is introduced from the outside. Wire In today's market is represented by […]

Modern Blinds

Blinds – Practical and modern curtains for decorating windows. Unlike his leader and main rival – the classic fabric shades, blinds are more functional, giving more opportunities not only for an elegant and beautiful window dressing, but also excellent protection from sunlight. Window, ennobled by curtains, perhaps only in the open or closed. Learn more […]

Water World Landscape Design

Scenarios of this garden is set in a few planes. Just before the house built in the German style, offers guest area – well lighted area, stone tiling, which makes its way through the moss. Here are forged benches with wooden seats and floor vases of beautiful flowers. Neighbourhoods given "farmed out" to plants. There […]

Landscape Design

Stages of landscape design can be described like this: A study of the landscape. This stage of modeling of possible solutions, when designers learn which fell into their hands the land, its features and topography. On the rocky area is how it foreseeable, if only to make changes will depend on a range of decisions […]


Often, citizens of the summer move from their apartments to the country. The reason is very simple. The purified air is very natural need for human breathing. Gardening assistants are excellent in providing the whole family essential vitamins. Also in the country there are many interesting varieties of the time. Some are partial to fishing. […]