Universe Online

That’s happening with DC Universe Online? Decompose the clans, accounts are cancelled. Are you already has staff tired? According to our information, it is possible that after the discounted pack of three months with which Sony Online tried to gain the loyalty of the vast amount of initial users, will be more cancellations. That, in addition, after a content patch that is already lost in the month of February. SOE should soon revitalize your bet, at least in Europe, because the data coming from beyond seas, seem more tenacity, there is still playing very well, especially in PC. What happens in Spain and Europe? Users complain that the game no longer offers more, have already arrived at the highest level and who have completed the majority of challenges to high-end.

This does not stop surprising us at mmogamer.es because besides being loaded with content, DC Universe Online offers its own badges and equipment of high level system. Do all players already have this equipment? In addition, DC Universe Online also offers many options of PvP, we want not, it extends the life of the mmorpg almost as much as any MOBA that based its action on the PvP. (read League of Legends, Bloodline Champions, World of Tanks, etc) what supposed for this very specific sector players to complete in less than two months content which has led to a development team two years develop? It seems then, necessary, talk about maintenance of content, patches and constant additions. Long does it take to develop 5 or 10 more levels of game, new events or PvP areas, specific tournaments, etc? Without a doubt, this issue adds one argument to the so trite debate on payment or free2play games. It is possible to maintain up-to-date content only with microtransactions or we need a fixed fee to pay for a full-time development team? For DCUO, yes they charge fee, so they have responsive. Source: original author and source of the article.

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