Pretend to understand meaning lose all connection with the authentic message, and the error is still greater when we believe have misunderstood. The spirit of zen in each activity is characterized by a direct contact with the present moment, with the eternal now that it is the only thing that exists. It is the expression of a transcendental quest that projects a view of reality from the introspection and meditation. The features of Zen art are: spontaneity in the stroke, the hand that handles the brush takes own life, it is not guiadda by any idea about what you want to represent that artist does not have a specific project. Simply leave an inner State manifests in forms. The lack of symmetry that symmetrical shapes are more closely related to the intellectual field. Existence of gaps in the box, but it is a vacuum forming part of the box and not a mere background unpainted, in the same way that in poetry or music the silences are an integral part of the whole, without them there wouldn’t. Peace of mind at the time of the creation lack of interest in what refers to the result.

Direct communication with the internal State in which the artist is. In zen art, every work is potentially a portal towards the meditation, a starting point that invites us to an inner journey. The term OJ is used in many Japanese arts. Generally translates as a path, pathway or trail. They are different forms of zen learning. In theory any activity can lead to meditative States. The best-known trails are: so we have the Ju Do, Kyudo (archery zen), Karate Do, Ken Do (the art of the sword), Bushi-Do (the way of the Warrior) Ka Do (the art of flowers or ikebana), Cha Do (tea ceremony), OJ Sho (calligraphy) the term added OJ to an art means that this activity turns into an inner pathin an instrument of self-knowledge and a path of meditation that is not related with intellectual or sensory activity, but with the activation of consciousness.

What is live Zen?Can it change our life?Does what consequences in the internal development? Does power the Zen the? creativity and intuition? Can it lead us to higher States of consciousness? Zen is not a doctrine, religion or philosophy.It does not exist in the theories, the dogmas and the artifices. More is a psychological state, an inner reality beyond thought, found in the depth of a harmonic and silent mind. It is a way of life in which every moment is new. More information on free zen workshops in Barcelona: original author and source of the article.

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