Belleza Cosmetica Natural

There are many natural methods dedicated to personal care and beauty. Many of these have been preserved with the passage of time and have even become the cosmetics we use today frequently. We all know that beauty is health, cosmetics being a basic pillar in our outer part. Natural cosmetics based its principles on plants, herbs, oils, essences, fruit, avoiding the use of synthetic ingredients that can alter our body causing known allergic reactions, rashes or other skin sensitivity. In this article we will describe some of the most used homemade formulas so you can make your own cosmetic. Remember also that care for inside (maintaining a balanced diet, avoid excesses, exercise) promote any action of a cosmetic skin. Facial cleansing cleansing milk consists of removing impurities, toxins and dirt accumulated in our faces during the day. Is also used for removing makeup or avoid accumulated fats that give rise to pimples or blackheads.

Most of us, dishwashing our face and pass warm water to dry later. The cleansers can be used just like the SOAP, although they retain lots more dirt. Yogurt cleanser: is one of the easiest cleansers. With an eyedropper, add three drops of Chamomile oil (you don’t own Chamomile, it is essential oil remember it), two or three tablespoons of Rosemary honey and four tablespoons of plain yogurt (that is without sugar). The mixture will be extended all over the face without touching your eyes, and after 10 minutes remove it with warm water.

It is indicated for all skin types. Avocado cleaner: this cream is recommended for dry skins. Its preparation begins by melt in a small casserole a couple or three tablespoons Shea butter along with a tablespoon of beeswax. To the mixture, add 4 tablespoons of avocado oil and heat bath. On the other hand, we put 4 tablespoons water distilled into another container.

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