If the Peru is the only country in the world that sees a former President extradited him, an Italian judge wants to Peru, Argentina and Uruguay are the only republics South American in extraditing his former dictators abroad. Pinochet, when he was asked by a Spanish judge, appealed to patriotism. Fujimori, on the other hand, Fujimori, instead, not could Stoke this because he was sued by his own country and, to avoid be there tried, swore give life by another nation (of which wanted to be Senator). Today, many leftists backed by Morales Bermudez to be transferred to Rome, although this not conflicts with its principle that your worst enemy is imperialism. By not insisting that he should be prosecuted in their own country this allows Morales broaden his base of support. The Government, the Church and the armed forces don’t want that he be referred to Europe either by that fear is then I would do the same with Garcia, by referring to national sovereignty or by that don’t want to on – punishing one tan older man who initiated the current was democratic. International analyst original author and source of the article.

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