How To Charge The Battery

Simple chargers – fairly uncomplicated equipment. Their work is based on the primitive laws of the current, which is the usual power supply falls into this case, the built-in charger coil transformer, rectifying diodes and fed to the battery terminals. As it is charging, the battery internal resistance increases, while it decreases the power of the battery charging current. When internal battery voltage reaches 14,8 V, charging is naturally terminated. It would seem that could be better than this elementary device? In fact, there are several compelling reasons to draw focus on more sophisticated equipment to charge the battery. Especially for the needs of service stations. Start with at least that is sometimes needed in addition to charging the car to start.

To do this already requires not just a charger, and puskozaryadnoe by connecting which is no problem to give energy to charge the starter. Or another point: There are different types of batteries (lead, lead-acid gel filler, nickel-cadmium batteries, maintenance-free batteries.) And for each of them needs its own special charging mode. The simplest devices typically can carry only charging batteries of the same type. And if Suddenly will fall another battery, you'll have to look for and the appropriate charger. This kind of equipment, such as pre-charging devices (ROM), requires anyone, even a small car service.

Each employee service centers are familiar customer complaints: turning the ignition key and starter hardly make two or three turns and stops. The problem in this case is clear even novice motorists – sat battery. Most of the accumulator batteries after several years of operation is ready to present such unpleasant surprises. They are connected, as is known, so that after several years of use or storage in a discharged state for internal plates batteries appear insoluble crystals of lead sulfate. They increase the internal resistance of batteries, do not give electrolyte to penetrate deep into the coating layer plates. And in order to overcome this resistance and Charge the battery, now require more voltage than regular issues generator. In this situation comes to the aid of special charger, which tends to have around every self-respecting motorist, and even more so – car service.

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