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Household Bosch

Then we recommend calling us to get the same price. And coming into the office and make a purchase, 100% will receive a gift from the company. Whether it’s set to punch, drill, carrying case. * Third. Managers of the company (Light and Dima) every six months are a two-day technical training at Bose have […]

The Price

But there is another provision of law that warms the soul. Necessary to remind the manager of the service center, which is the term you are obliged to repair all of the same law to provide within three days, a replacement similar device. If it happens that you do not give anything, citing a lack […]

How To Charge The Battery

Simple chargers – fairly uncomplicated equipment. Their work is based on the primitive laws of the current, which is the usual power supply falls into this case, the built-in charger coil transformer, rectifying diodes and fed to the battery terminals. As it is charging, the battery internal resistance increases, while it decreases the power of […]