Tips To Beautify The Garden

Don’t believe the myth that cut herbs are converted into straw. Cover these herbs with mulch instead of put them in a bag returns natural nutrients to the land, saving time, bags and more than 30 percent in fertilizer costs. Think of cut herbs as a fertilizer of slow dispersion without any cost, says Goatley. However, do not cover with mulch if the garden is in full outbreak of a great plague. Council.

Use a hose to wash the blades on the mower and the lower part of the cover after each use for better coverage with mulch and a neater cut. Our surveys have found that most people water with too much water or no water at the right time. This can make you spend more than 25 thousand gallons of water per year, according to the Agency for environmental protection (EPA). Proper irrigation saves money and helps prevent diseases and pests. Waters form deep and infrequent: 1 inch per week is the general rule, although you might need to irrigate with copious amounts of water and with frequency during the warm seasons.

And don’t be afraid of leaving that turf is dormant during dry season; It turns green again when the rainy season comes back. To differentiate if you are lethargic or dead, part a stalk in half. If you see white, fleshy and strong means being lethargic. On the contrary, minces the stem, if he is dead. Council. Water early in the morning, before the Sun and the wind to avoid that the water reaches the roots. Watering at night causes the appearance of rust. Irrigation systems avoid you the difficulty of watering the lawn, but some are more effective than others. For shrubs and plants, drip irrigation systems obtained the highest scores because they deposit the water directly to the root system, where water is not lost due to wind, runoff and evaporation. In the existing sprinkler irrigation systems, installed a sensor of rains that activate only when the air is dry, or a humidity sensor Earth that triggers only when is the ground dry. In new systems, advanced control technologies used local weather reports to determine hours of hydration. Council. Even if you are using simple irrigation systems, check the uniform distribution by placing plastic over the garden containers while you are watering. And make sure you do not irrigate the trails or the driveway. Lush and extensive gardens look grandiose announcements but do not grow anywhere else. Instead, it considers covers to give shade to the garden or gardens and ornamental plants. Don’t forget of trees, flowers and shrubs that attract birds and other species, creating a balanced ecosystem. If it is possible to choose native species, since they are already adapted to your area. Council. Place shrubs and plants that have the same watering needs together.

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