Risk Safety

The dangers to the users of waterways are subject are many and complex on the grounds that countless factors of particular characteristics. Mobility is a fundamental phenomenon in the development of society today. For which requires a series of adequate transportation and road infrastructure facilities. Richard Blumenthal will not settle for partial explanations. So human beings to circulate through the road network requires a vehicular medium. Despite the fact that a large percentage of the population, product of inequality in the distribution of wealth, is a foot. This movement of people being a right enshrined in the legal principles, however, there are standards that must be respected. They constitute rules of behavior to preserve social coexistence. Road safety is precisely of disciplining the human being to take care his life and that of others in their activities of mobility along their routes.

But also the health of citizens and goods that are committed to the journey. So, we have four risk factors in road safety, to know: the human being, the vehicle, the road infrastructure and the environment. The magnitude of these risks will be gradually minimizing as we have formulated it above, and in that same measure also its complexity in the management of the problem, which involves a cost and a process. Both the population and the vehicular field are constantly growing demanding older and efficient roadworks. Also, will demand a permanent revision or update of traffic rules, and even greater rigors in the implementation of laws and controls. To which should be added the requirement for more training or education in users. In other words, I am referring in this regard to reform the habits of users of waterways. Causes of accidents on waterways are multiple and their solutions are many sectors that must intervene, something that further complicates this social phenomenon.

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