oil production. Recent studies indicate that the transport sector consumes about 30% of the total energy used within countries of the European Union. In the foreseeable future all indications suggest that the distribution sector will continue to use large amounts of energy. CONCLUSION increasingly more becomes evident the need for firms to develop competitive advantages in a global market, where non-economic geographical boundaries no longer exist. It is true that the barriers of distance is no longer an obstacle to the human beings when it comes to your needs. Advances in technology has managed to overcome any inconvenience and no longer excuses so that enterprises can not meet these needs. The diversity of goods, products and services enable people to have the power of decision on their purchases. The companies have had to adopt a number of theories and strategies such as total quality, reengineering, the benchmarketing, etc.

In order to compete faced with a number of companies manufacture the same products or providing the same services. At this point where the logistics and physical distribution appears as the differentiating factor in where companies have the opportunity to develop competitive advantages. The reduction of costs and the best service to the client through the reduction of the time pedido-entrega, are essential to offer the public a product or service at a good price and at your disposal when you need it. *. environment-business. com marketing notes.

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