Desire Petroleum

Faced with this reality of Venezuela President Hugo Chavez and close friend of Argentina, said: Britain return the Falkland Islands to Argentina. United Kingdom is violating international law, are violating, well, the basics of geography and history () go hence, return the Malvinas to the Argentine people, said Chavez from a televised ministerial meeting. Chavez warned that Argentina will not be alone ‘ in a hypothetical conflict with Britain over sovereignty of the Falkland Islands, and encouraged Queen Isabel II of England to hand over control of the Islands to Buenos Aires. ” Look you England, until when are you going to be you in the Malvinas? Queen of England, to you I speak, no Queen of England already Empires, more do not you’ve given counts Queen? Return the Malvinas to the people Argentine “, launched this Sunday Chavez on his radio and television program. The English are still threatening Argentina. Lady Queen have changed, because we are not in 1982, in the event of aggression against Argentina be assured that will not be alone as the Argentine homeland, that is our homeland “, he warned. was then The diplomatic tension between the two countries, which in 1982 clashed militarily for the possession of the archipelago in the South Atlantic, worsened in recent days with the arrival of an oil rig in the Falklands to start an exploration in the disputed area.

Comments, Graciela ee plans that the President of Argentina, Cristina Kirchner, ask the Rio Group, meeting in Mexico, which condemn the operation. I hope that all the countries of this continent of Latin America Let US support the Argentina “, said the President. Chavez, who questioned the English speak of democracy and still have Queen “, he insisted that the Dominion of Great Britain over the archipelago is anti-historical and irrational”. The Ocean Guardian platform, company Desire Petroleum, is since Friday in the capital of the Falklands, and is poised to start next week the exploration in the northern basin of the archipelago. Argentina responded by demanding permission to sail in its waters to all boats that go to the archipelago.

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