State Hillary Clinton

For all, even the most unpretentious of politicians, one is absolutely clear – this form of security solutions and cooperation among states has become obsolete entirely. For politicians it was clearly a long time, summits were not already for quite some time, due to significant costs for them in conjunction with the complete absence of any practical results, and no one blatant difference of opinion after all 56 states of Eurasia and the Atlantic. In general, the "image" from the summit of its formality confirms, during performances always someone walking between the rows, according to present performances no one "does not concerned and do not touch "in the statements a" water "or non-binding calls such as" oil oily "boredom on their faces, the attributes of" duty "activities and not less" on duty "phrase Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who called "To develop democratic freedoms." You can not seriously talk about the mythical sentence, Mr. President of Kazakhstan on the introduction of the new world currency (not to m. li), in cases where the welfare of the world's leading powers is the U.S. dollar.

Why should the U.S. be clearly economically unjustified support for a similar proposal. Even Europe, trying to formally withdraw from the dollar area with their euros, can not feel the full extent themselves in this regard still. Dollar prevails and dominates all the currencies of other states, and his status is quite natural and is actively supported by all the economic institutions of the United States, as tool for the relative stability of the economy of this state.

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