Black Sea

In short, the efforts of the President has already brought tangible benefits in the form of clearly detrimental consequences, as most saying his political opponents in Georgia, with significant claims not only to their own authorities, but also to the former U.S. administration that its policy of encouraging the Georgian state has pushed to decay. Saakashvili's departure was preceded by the Black Sea to the U.S. incidents, one of which was connected with the arrest of Turkish tanker "Bouquet", transporting oil and fuel for Abkhazia. The basis for the arrest was the lack of sanctions from the Georgian side to the emergence of a foreign ship in its territorial waters. The captain of the vessel and arrested and fined, was sentenced to 24 years in prison, but after the intervention of the Turkish side of its released, as well as other crew members. This fact has caused a confusion among experts in Tbilisi, not to mention Ankara.

From a political and legal point of view, according to legal experts, the Georgian government received on the basis of short-term considerations and the letter of the law, including international, but pointedly harsh sentence captain – as if in warning to others – did not look quite adequately. Especially given the general nature of the bilateral relationship and the binding of Georgia to Turkey as a partner on two key Georgian economy and for energy pipelines – oil (Baku – Tbilisi – Ceyhan) and gas (Shahdenizsky route). Yielding to the pressure of logic and the Turkish leadership, Saakashvili caught himself and even awarded the Ambassador of Turkey's Order of Honor.

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