Special Representative

But it is based on a different conceptual approach to the problems of the North Caucasus, rather than the current policy of the Kremlin in the region. Introduction to the Special Representative of the Institute of the North Caucasus has a meaning, and it is effective only in the case where the federal government is ready to tackle the problem of the North Caucasus, not only economic but also political and socio-cultural. For today's situation in the UK is concerned not only Moscow but all Russians, for that matter, and other peoples of different countries, who have traditionally experienced by Russia sympathy. So this question is very relevant for the top political leadership of Russia and because it has repeatedly voiced by President Dmitry Medvedev. And, if Special Institute plan to use as a kind of "doctor", the "disease", he intended to "cure" must be clearly identified as to their symptoms, as well as for their own reasons. Otherwise, proper effect is not achieved.

I note that a precise diagnosis of IC is held on the last "round table" (Nov. 27, at the Moscow House of Nationalities), where are your co-report and the report of our colleague K. Mikailova. And in previous years some politicians and others kakazovedy also tried to draw the attention of the Kremlin on the underlying cause-effect relationship of the negative processes that occur in this region. However, The federal government now only has to listen to such alarmist signals. And in this I can already see the first positive steps forward. Kamaludin Mikailov: Here I would like to add that the true causes of destabilizing North Caucasus, one can not be eliminated by force, since the local problems are related mainly to the unemployed, the difficulties to find a legitimate and satisfactory earnings.

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