Russian Federation

The situation in the North Caucasus is so serious that it called the number one problem of Russia's President in my last message. But even earlier, in Makhachkala, and Stavropol, Dmitry Medvedev announced the first thesis system, rather than spontaneous threats to Russian security, not caused by external and internal factors. Analyzing the root causes of what is happening, you need to remember the message of the President of Russia in 1994, in which Boris Yeltsin acknowledged that "… Russia over the last decade trying to overcome the threat of disintegration of ethno-political processes that generated … inconsistency of the two initially laid the foundation of government Principles of the Russian Federation – the national-territorial and administrative-territorial.

" Recognition that the threat to Russian security is inherent in the structure of the state, was confirmed after several months. The war between the Centre and the laws of the federation, when Chechnya and Tatarstan did not sign the federal treaty, has been skillfully used by economic lobbies in the Russian leadership. Under the information veil that filled the media in connection with full-scale hostilities in Chechnya in 1995-96. were privatized all the largest domestic oil and gas facilities. As a result of the second Chechen campaign, Russia managed to maintain their integrity only the efforts of the second President of the Russian Federation. Doubt that the modern Russian state is enough resilience to withstand the aggravation of ethnic and religious contradictions in the approaches to the election of the fourth president of Russia makes us look for recipes in most of Russian history.

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