Jubilee Diploma

High qualification of the Ural airmen have repeatedly found recognition in the form of awards from the management of civil aviation both the USSR and Kazakhstan. There were first helicopter, piloted by A. Domracheva, A. Zagorovskaya and Kotov NA and serviced Elistratov, A. Kostyukov, P. Ermolichevym. November 7, 1964 staff of the airline first took part in a festive demonstration.

Life is getting better. Built space, improved working conditions for all services. But while in the whole region, only six of the 34 airports have office space, and those of adobe. Radio stations were only Furmanovo, Djanybek, Kalmykov and Karatyube. Two last year earned a passenger line. During the year carried more than 100 000 passengers, which was a major achievement of the company. Particularly distinguished crew Grigorieva, V.

Zakharov, Yu V. Voronov and Morkovina. Thanks to them, in the Urals in 1966 won first place in the country. And next year, Ural airfield hosted the first AH-24 with 50 passengers on board. By the way, 1967 year was very dry, the water level in the Urals was only 266 cm had strengthen the fight against gophers in exceeding 664 000 hectares. Our crews worked in Kustanai, Penza regions, as well as in the cotton fields of Uzbekistan. The newly replenished the ranks of pilots to 32 people. Of Ural region recruited young people in School of Civil Aviation. As a result, each year significantly increased the volume of passenger transportation and processing of agricultural area. The pride of the Ural airlines it was awarded in 1970, the Jubilee Diploma of the Government of Kazakhstan.

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