Grand Ayatollah Ali

21 and 22 January the Russian side made statements on the Iranian issue. In the first case, the general director of Rosoboronexport, Anatoly Isaikin in Bahrain, confirmed that Russia continues to supply defensive weapons to Iran according to previously reached bilateral agreements. This, apparently, talking about the S-300 air defense systems because it can not be classified as offensive weapons. In the second case, the head of "Rosatom" Sergey Kiriyenko in his told a news conference that Russia will launch the reactor at Bushehr in Iran this year. Both statements at variance with the "recommendations" of the West. Further recognition came almost sensational to Kurdish sources – from the Iraq Kurdistan. According to the newspaper "Ore", citing a source in the Shiite organization "mihrab", which is run by the High Council of Islam in Iraq and supported by Iran, in recent years a number of Sunni mullahs Kurdistan replaced by the Shiite faith.

One of the mullahs, Said Issa, head of Sulaimaniya branch "mihrab," the newspaper said: "If all the Shiites in the world desist, I will not give. If the Sunni brothers will know what I know, I I am sure they also go into Shiism ". Mullah Isa said that during his visit in the Shia holy cities of Karbala and Najaf, he met with Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, the supreme leader of the Shiites, "He (al-Sistani) is not very surprised I moved to Shiism, because there are many people like me, and he sees them every day.

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