Ribaldry can not put them in a row, otherwise we remove the problem, especially because "everything else", even repetitive words needed a speaker as the rhythm of everyday speech that has no drafts. However, this is a separate issue stati.Mif "So, as the Russian, no one complains!" does not help eliminate or at least reduce the profanity and, moreover, is fundamentally wrong. Profanity is in every language. We are led, not all manifestations of mythmaking. By the way, the cultural and intellectual man is just intended to swim against the tide, to fight against the insidious myths. How to resist evil? Formulate a number of provisions in the form of creed.

Attitude of politicians and scientists, Publishers and broadcasters, teachers and educators, writers and journalists, as well as leaders of different ranks to the profanity should be negative: "Yes, it is, but it's bad. Is always wrong! ". "No, you tell me kogdavse still possible to swear? In small doses "- asked me during the recording of a television interview on Nov. 19, 2008 My answer is" Never! "Did not like. Reply intolerant, primitive, shabby. Where are the best way: "Sometimes it can and should be!". A in this "sometimes" and hidden .Ne all there is in life, should be printed. The book should be a kind of filter, in the absence of external censorship internal censorship should ideally operate at full capacity. Why publish books that can not be read aloud? If even one person does not swear, all is not lost.

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