Public Ministry

It would exceed the scope of this communication, the only recounting events of random and traumatic previous situations. With the substantial institutional reforms to the national Constitution in 1994, preceded in large part by reforms in the constitutions of several provinces, has been set a constellation of public authorities, whose widespread ignorance, leads us to the trial of negative value expressed above and generates a sort of frustrations almost an imperative is reversed. Persuaded of the need for an intense disclosure of such a constellation, will again reiterate it in these lines, beginning by expressing that synthetically: such a constellation of public authorities behave: quadripartite Division of poderes(con la independencia deel Ministerio Publico), several political parties with participation of internal minorities and female quota; as well as provincial, municipal and university autonomy. We tend to appeal to the image of a computer spreadsheet’s calculations, to photographically illustrate such a constellation (which in reality works cinematographic or television, i.e. to (30) thirty images/frames per second).

In this grid, are located in vertical columns to the five (5) public authorities, namely: the constituent; the constituted Executive; the constituted legislative; the Court constituted, and constituted Public Ministry (ombudsmen and prosecutors). In the horizontal rows are located eight (8) jurisdictions that use those powers. Namely: international organizations (e.g. United Nations); Mercosur(o la estructura que la reemplace), national jurisdiction; jurisdiction national universities; regions jurisdiction; jurisdiction provinces, jurisdictions inter-municipal and municipal jurisdictions. The cross-linking of the functions and jurisdictions arise forty functional jurisdictional units, which in turn are multiplied by the number of provinces, municipalities, universities, regions and inter-municipal bodies. That without the complexities of the national public powers and the complexities characteristic of each unit, particularly to the interior of the National Executive. If we assume that the domes of each of these jurisdictional functional units are exercised by persons of political vocation, such as practising permanently struggle for preeminence, can the reader be a remote idea of situations marked by uncertainty, imprecision and uncontrolled.

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