The Cities

In this direction, the joint with the cities still is weak. The concept of sustainable development it is recent, it poresse reason, it has been reason of many arguments in the scopes politicians, economic and scientific the global level. It fits here to point out that we nopretendemos to raise new questionings about the thematic one, analisaros already only existing. As said initially, the thematic support complexa and of difficult execution. The complexity even exists at the moment of definiro sustainable development, therefore the times are several that in them we come across limited comconceitos and descontextualizados, that do not condizem with the same. Ribeiro (2001) initiates its definition of desenvolvimentosustentvel in the following way: One of the problems of the life contemporary it is to measure the capacity that we will have to demanter the conditions of the reproduction human being in the Land. In other words, treat-headquarters to allow to the coming generations conditions of habitability in the future, considering the inheritance of technological models devastadores and possveisalternativas they.

The human beings that are for coming need of the life in the Land. Soffiati Grandson (2000: 1) says that ‘ ‘ (…). It does not have more rigid separation entrenatureza and cultura' '. The recognition of the interrelao man-nature is oprimeiro step so that the conservation instruments, mainly, sustainable dodesenvolvimento occasion effect and start accepted and to be worked. Let us see now what Frey says (2001) on the desenvolvimentosustentvel.

The author analyzes it in three approaches: the economic-liberal one demercado, the ecological-technocrat and the politician-democratic one. The first part dacorrelao between poverty and sustainable development. The inpia would take the increasing umadegradao of the environment. Then, the economic growth would be viable asoluo to more diminish the poverty and the adjusted condition with ambient asreivindicaes. As, part of the beginning of that the support and odesenvolvimento must be planned.

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