Political Consequences

It will consist of two chapters; First, this Monday. It will start with what occurred eight months before the attacks. There are victims who do not feel prepared to see the series. On the 11-M series, a good antidote against forgetting or an initiative in bad taste? Telecinco premieres this Monday 4th of July the first chapter of a miniseries that tackles the biggest attack in the history of Europe, the tragedy of the 11-M in 2004 in Madrid, based solely on the facts established by the judgment of the national court and the decision of the Supreme Court for the first time. The miniseries, directed by Daniel C.

Torallas, will consist of two chapters that flees of conjectures and political consequences, according to sources of the producer, Plural Entretainment. 11-M. The facts begins by one of the made late, when on April 3, 2004 seven terrorists immolate is flying the floor of Leganes (Madrid) which were hiding, after enduring all afternoon besieged by the police. Seven terrorists who were, with complete certainty, the perpetrators of the attacks three weeks ago. Thus, narrated as a flashback, the Viewer is situated eight months before the 11-M when one of those terrorists, Jamal Ahmidan El Chino (who plays the ceuti actor Abdelatif Hwidar) is with his wife in Madrid, after leaving a Moroccan jail. The cast also includes Kaabil S. Ettaquil, in the role of the Tunisian; Zoe Berriatua, as Emilio Suarez Trashorras, and Paco Manzanedo, become Rafa Zouhier. Similarly the stories of the people travelling on trains, that morning they know they were waiting at the stations, or simply were neighbors of Alcala de Henares, El Pozo, Santa Eugenia and Atocha when the bombs exploded.

(191 Dead and wounded 1,857) victims are represented by half a dozen invented characters so that everyone can see reflected with the greatest of respect, according to the producer. Telecinco, for its part, has indicated that the series has been to several associations of victims, who have received positively, although still not have been consulted all. As explained by the President of the Association of victims of terrorism, Angeles Pedraza, although the chain has sent a copy to the various associations representing the victims of 11-M she has not wanted to see her, but has done one of the psychologists who care for those affected. In view of this professional, noted Pedraza, tape at least relies more in the prolegomena, on preparations, and less on the day.I did not want to see it, and not if I can – has said Pedraza-, but I think that it wasn’t necessary to do this series. I think that another kind of thing could be made to remember the 11-M. Source of the news: the 11-M miniseries will be based on the facts established in judgments and failures of Justice

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