Established Commitments

If the meeting you hear about new competitors, new technologies, etc., it is important to complement this type of data to have a larger base of information on which to base its strategy for the development of a possible business opportunity. If your company has a business process documentation methodology, it is here where you should spend time to comply with this process. Try to filter the information that is relevant to a business opportunity. Normally when you apply a consultative selling methodology, during the visit questions must have become important and then in this activity is when you can organize your data well and very well structured information that serve as a basis to define its business strategy. Depending on the reason for the commercial visit, you may have received documents or other physical or electronic information and it should be clear what to do with her, with whom to share it and how to use it for the development of the business. One of the big problems that have the majority of companies that have commercial business processes is that the information obtained in these activities is only in the head or in the book notes of who conducted the visit and this is a big mistake, for both the seller and for the company.

Planning and implementation of activities to give effect to the commitments. Once organized the information and with a clear understanding of the objectives and commitments, it is important to realize a work plan to meet the established commitments. In the majority of situations of sale in B2B scenarios, normally you as a seller not acts only. You need a computer that supports the commercial or service activities in case in which you are attending a strategic account. This requires that you share with this task force findings in its commercial business and jointly define an action plan to meet commitments.

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