The Trade Union

The current situation of the labour market indicates that employment is not a good for the entire population; people with disabilities experience greater difficulties than the general population to find employment. Workers with disabilities tend to be lagging with respect to other persons seeking employment, in particular when the number of unemployed in general increases. Currently, he is struggling a fund financed by companies that do not reserve 2% of their jobs for persons with disabilities, which would be devoted to the labour integration of this group. Currently, companies that do not cover a 2 % of their jobs with workers with disabilities should allocate the cost that would result in the employment of these persons to the acquisition of goods produced in special employment centres or donate to institutions for the integration of these people. The Trade Union proposal is that this money is compulsorily intended for a fund to boost the labour integration of the collective and improve vocational training programmes. In the event that companies prove they can not hire directly to disabled workers, will create a Fund for labour integration and to enhance accessibility in jobs and training.

Employability of the Roma have a decent work is a right of every citizen, and a basic guarantee for your personal promotion and social integration. Unfortunately the situation of many Roma people regarding employment is pretty bad at the moment and does not seem to improve in the future, noting still clearly exclusionary and discriminatory situations:-the Gypsy population does not have the same chance of access to the supply of occupational vocational training as the rest of the citizens. In this case, it is not be discriminated against or prohibit your access, but that this offer does not fit, is not sufficiently accessible, according to the conditions and needs of the Roma population – many employers discriminate against the Roma population as attempts to access employment, as a consequence of existing stereotypes and prejudices – the legislation with regard to peddling, which is one of the most developed employment by Gypsies, is clearly discriminatory and restrictive when compared with other commercial modalities back are the times in which Gypsies were recognized for their work in forging or for their expertise as cavalry.

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