Employment Purposes

Each year, a feeling of positivism and a host of illusions home us invades and motivates us to pursue new challenges and initiate new projects as part of our daily lives. Without a doubt, the workplace is not exempt from this and always occupies an important place within our purposes to meet in the course of the year. Whether the intention is to keep the job, look for a promotion or even exploring other horizons, it is necessary to focus all our energies and resources to carry it out, but not before making an analysis and look at in retrospect how was our performance the previous year in order to detect those areas of opportunity in which to work. Arturo Rosales, Monster.com.mx Marketing Manager, global leader in recruitment, job search and career through Internet development, detailing some suggestions which may be helpful to delineate our purposes and achieve greater personal and professional satisfaction: improving human relations: have a greater tolerance towards others and stop thinking about who get along well and with whom wrong, maintain a spirit of fellowship and mutual aid. Be punctual: Although traffic give the perfect excuse for tardiness, care must be taken to arrive at work on time, it is a sign of respect for the place, toward others and that employment is valued.

Aspirations: try to set new goals and challenges to meet. Organization: trying to be more orderly in the workspace, in the activities to develop, keep the place clean and in order; as well as trying to schedule the tasks of the day and meet with them. Be more proactive: don’t settle for carry out the bare minimum, become more involved in the company and general activities, find new ideas and actions to perform. Be more efficient: do more work in less time and of good quality. Try to avoid distractions, strive to demonstrate to superiors that you are a valuable asset for the organization.

Constantly get ready: invest in the future and take any course or diploma that allows greater professionalism in your activities area is always a good idea; a company looking for current employees. On a more personal level, it is worth noting: trying to find the balance between work and personal life: Although the work is by others important part in our life, there are also many other factors that are involved and influence our balance and emotional well-being. Don’t forget to live with family and friends. Reduce stress: look for a hobbie, activities that allow you to relax. Don’t forget that a person with a clear mind is more productive and more efficient. Eat better: there are no excuses to be neglected in the work, with a little effort you can prepare healthy foods consumed during working hours. Finally, you must set realistic and achievable goals and make effort to maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, success is only obtained based on effort and dedication, concluded Arturo Rosales, don’t forget that you have 12 months ahead to meet with your goals, your effort and dedication will be the key.

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