Private Security Standards Reestablishment

Private security is undoubtedly an issue that has always given that talk. Always has been discussed on the boundaries that exist between what regards private security and what concerns for public safety. Last week returned the virtuoso of the private security, Alejandro Desfassiaux, at the head of the National Council of private security (CNSP). Their biggest concerns are all loose ends and problems unsolved still stunning to the branch from long ago. The Mission of Defassiaux has always been the return to the order that was established from the very beginning with respect to private security.

One of the points which according to Defassiaux are most important is that the Bank and auxiliary police stop a dirty competition which in reality does not benefit users. Only makes that business becomes more corrupt and increasingly harder them concentrate on their work to the companies that provide this kind of private security. One of the clearer points that made the new head of the National Council of private security on What was concerned in the field of private security is the certification. The reality is that in Mexico there are around 10,000 private security companies and of these only 2,000 have some sort of certification. Most alarming of all is that only 200 have all necessary documents to provide private security services. It is then as a task for the interested reader, search and make sure that the private security that protects it either at home or at work have the necessary papers. Because although it is true that only it is a paper, in reality certification is an endorsement on the part of the Government, which informs us that the company can do its job and can do it well.

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