Tuesday, 24 August of the current year. Jaime is now his program the sniper journal interviewed Alex Kouri and Fernan Altuve, this last flamboyant candidate for the Mayor of Lima after the stud all of Alex. Jaime asks that you as he feels after this denomination, and he responds that he feels calm but surprised. Us from the very beginning were actually going to contain it with a fiscal domicile. This already the national jury of elections, knew that that’s why I don’t understand the tacha. But we respect the verdict, since the last word they have it said Altuve.

Jaime asks to Altuve: Aldo Mariategui said that the jury people who have personal rancor against Alex Kouri does your can certify this? Dr. Greta Minaya might be, but we are respectful of what they deemed the Court pointing Altuve. Jaime then asked Alex if Radical change run it for presidential elections, to which Alex replies that it is still too early to decide that. He told her also does not have any desire to participate as a candidate for the Presidency. Jaime says as a Council that is applying.

The person who presents it presents the tacha is possible Peru and is a bridge stone Altuve attorney thinks that Toledo wants to Lourdes win the municipal. Yvonne Frasinet were not encouraged to pick up the baton, and she said that his political profile is very limited to deal tremendous company. Jaime tells to Altuve: your going make a Shaker intellectual in the campaign, also your say that if wanted to take to Kouri to municipal power I’ll be that governs politically and Kouri will be which govern administratively Altuve replied. Altuve met with Montesinos 6 times, Alex Kouri 14 times.

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