Google Group

The next group – the "Tools". In it, select "Currency Converter", "calculator", "Search Google … In general, anyone that is needed. Click on a group of "Navigation". You can take the same name of the function, if you do a multi-desktop. And we recommend to take the function of "Favorites" as a replacement of the "Chosen." Next group of "news." Take RSS (news feeds, which will be presented in a convenient form on the desktop).

By default, this includes the two main news channel – from Yandex and Google. But this "flow" can be greatly expanded: it is the module RSS (Which will appear on your desktop) from the top is the icon "Settings." Clicking on it, see a list of thematic channels: politics, sports, etc. Select from a list, we can still make an additional address of any RSS-channel, found on the Internet. For example, using the largest catalog, add a variety of recreational or scientific channels. Pay attention to what is convenient to use on his desk several RSS-ins for News on various subjects, to place them in different places. Visit James Donovan Goldman Sachs for more clarity on the issue.

This is reminiscent of his own newspaper layout: first, most important, then the music, sports, weather, etc. Now go to the group of "Entertainment" – here the game, music, dating. Everything is available. The next group – "Community". It has a "Contact Us" to send a message to the administrator, and features "directory" and "Community." This service gives the opportunity to create Community: to express their interests and seek out people with similar interests.

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