Felipe Caldern

I am what I am on the basis of which I am, not on the basis of which others queren that I am. Majorities and it reaches One more a Summit than it looks for one better integration between the countries that integrate to Latin America and the Caribbean. In an atmosphere of optimism and with the presence of 25 agent chief executives of Latin America and the Caribbean, the Summit of the Unit was inaugurated, in Mexico the Tourist complex beach of the Carmen in the Great hotel Candles, soothe of the encounter, the Mexican president, Felipe Caldern, it inaugurated it making a call so that the Latin American countries concentrate all efforts in the effective creation of a new organism of integration that him of the region greater weight and political voice and that allows him to increase its possibilities of economic and social development. It added like the reporta.kaosenlared.net/noticia that; Together we have been able to leave ahead, but when we entered our frequent confrontations we lose all () integration demands unit of intentions and unit of action, it stood out that today more that the ideal of the Liberator is never effective Simon Bolivar to reach a united Latin America. the best tribute than we can render to our liberators is to construct a new institutionality that fortifies to us as region () we cannot remain separated and we cannot advance towards the future successfully on the base of our differences the agent chief executive expressed that the unit is the most powerful means to reach the development, to obtain the economic growth and to fight problems like the poverty and the inequality. We must live the democracy, the freedom and solidarity like a same town, indicated Caldern Agent chief executive who in addition it insisted on which the total integration of Latin America is possible in a frame of the respect to the diversity and with base in the ample coincidences and similarities of the towns of the region.

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