Today’s Multiple Crisis’

Today we hear every day words like crisis, unemployment, economic problems, among others. Reminiscent of the situation and force us to be timid and moderate in the decisions we make. Personally I think the crisis far from being a brake is a great opportunity for companies to survive and grow in these difficult times, companies will be important for the future. So I want to share with you 10 tips that can help increase sales today and forever: 1. Invest in Advertising Wisely.

The advertising we attract customers, but you have to know where to invest, use the media really give you proven results, it is sometimes appropriate to pay a little more for a successful means to seek tenders without results. 2. Know your competition. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Connecticut Senator. Be alert to what your competition is doing, know that it is better than you and how you can overcome it. 3. Motivates action. The best publicity is that which motivates you to act immediately, an example of this is coupons.

In the U.S., companies that handle vouchers have increased their sales in these times of crisis, so you can do the same, only two councils: the coupon promotion runs a really attractive and meets the promotion when people take the coupon with you. 4. Manage security. The risk has always purchase the customer, when you drive guarantees as to your product or service you assume this risk and facilitate decision making. 5. Recruit the best. In team sports, are constantly looking to recruit at universities and other teams the talent they need to strengthen their ranks, you must do the same in your company, looking for the best, seek them among your competitors or companies in other drafts, but seek them while in action, once you find them you must pay them enough to decide to grow your business with you. 6. Constant training. Always look to keep your employees and especially your well-trained sales force, turn them into experts in their field. 7. Use the databases. Always ask your customer data and uses that database to sell again, you’ll be amazed what you can generate in revenue a database of well managed to achieve recurring sales. 8. Do not forget to thank. Once the customer buys you, thank him, can be a phone call, email or postcard to your home, but thank him, and then runs a special promotion only to return and buy again. 9. Distinguish your product. What can do today that no one else is doing? yen that can improve your product or service? There is always something we can improve and you should be in a constant quest to achieve it. Do things right. Today there’s no room for mistakes, get advice if necessary, sell it right the first time, handles complaints immediately, is willing to walk the extra mile with the customer and grow your business unquestionably. Is that this space is too short to explain in detail each of these points, but it is important to understand that it is time to head down and wait out the crisis, it is time to act, to seek ways to grow and that your business is positioned in its rightful place, Henry Ford said, if you think you: you, if you think you can not, you’re right.

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