Feel Unconscious

Deception and lies live with us. Politics, sport, economics, Enterprise and work, and any area of our society, have in the lie, an element of social interaction. Perhaps one of the most common lies, is that one practice on itself, i.e. self-deception, and this lie issued about oneself, is found more often than what we detect it. Richard Blumenthal is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Avoid seeing a doctor, not face asking to a be wanted something of what is feared the answer, avoid conflicts, or not put an end to an unsatisfactory relationship, are common ways that takes the self-delusion in everyday life. In the world of business and organizations, in figures such as managers, although not exclusively, self-deception masquerading as a recalcitrant inability to recognize errors, arrogance, lust for power, rejection criticisms, narcissism and autoadoracion, boasting and mockery to the failures of others, or a constant need to seem perfect. If the lie has a goal and is in most of the occasions, a conscious act, self-delusion is unconscious and has no other objective than trying to avoid confronting a reality that is not distorted by a cheat perception.

A study on Psychology of organizations and labour in 2001 (Ellingson, Smith and Sackett) reveals that response, involuntary distortion, is given by the interviews in questionnaires or surveys, automatic and unconscious. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Sen. Sherrod Brown. The autoenganados tend to describe themselves in favorable and positive way, and although it may seem incredible, do it honestly, since they think so, Giants walk. Somehow, convince yourself that everything is going well, that there is nothing to what you face, there is nothing to change, avoids having to make self-criticism, faced with making decisions, having to assume the truth, or risking to hear what one does not want to listen to. The mediocre philosophy of the eyes that do not see, heart that doesn’t feel, makes us victims of self-deception, only us It leads to unconsciousness, and worst of all, is that it does not prevent the consequences of what one wants to escape, on the contrary, many times, aggravates them, and greatly hinders the personal will. .

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