To raise given and perspective about the freedom always were material of study of innumerable philosophers throughout history. Amazon describes an additional similar source. This search is not different in the optics of the Nietzsche philosopher. Controversial deep weigher and at the same time, its critical a modern society is demarcated by the rescue the culture Greek, in special the effective manifestation of the tragedies. Ahead of this conjuncture it thinks to base the question of the freedom exactly the perspectives of the thought of Nietzsche detaching the question of the critical one to the modern moralismo for a rescue, or better, to a return that one eths Greek that it allows to the actions human beings alive passes to be explored by the will and the inherent power in the proper individual. Characteristically, Nietzsche demarcates a new environment how much to the modern parameters; the withdrawal of a obscure morality searchs the philosopher to base from its proper condition human being that esteriliza all the vitality human being. With this, it will be wanted to stand out that critical done for the philosopher the proper history of the philosophy and its proper modern context that it causes I obtain all the Christian morality, is treated in the truth of a fulcral search to awake it of a superior being capable according to act freely its proper will and power of creation, manifestation, release and reflection.

Words Key: Moral, Ethics, Freedom, Will, Power, Beyond-do-Man. Introduction To introduce to the thought of Nietzsche and the question of the Freedom is not simply summarized and to raise given and perspective of the philosopher concerning the question. necessary to go the deep one and to perceive that to if speaking of Nietzsche we must have in mind all a conjuncture of the past, in special the proper culture Greek, therefore, to think the freedom about relation to the thought of Nietzsche is not easy task..

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