Egyptian Museum

The situation was described for the empostada voice of a Cuban speaker, who supported that the crisis of the capitalism had made to blow up the inconformismo in Egypt and the differences social they were sinking the government. (…) The aluso between us to the drawn out permanence in the power of Hosni Mubarak was? how it observes the popular cancioneiro? the same that? to speak of rope in hanged person house? ‘ ‘. The magazine Time affirmed that it is about ‘ ‘ The Arab shout for democracia’ ‘. Between the 22 countries that compose Arab Liga, only the Lebanon has a democratic considered government, even so precarious? beyond the American laboratory called Iraq, that still is an incognito. It can until being an shout for the democracy, even so either a different democracy of that we know in the Ocidente.

The true shout of these masses is against the unemployment, the endemic misery and the generalized governing corruption that lives in the extreme luxury, with private accounts in the exterior, and with the support of a policialisco system only visa in dictatorships. Drop d? water in Egypt was the intention of Mubarak to make its successor the son Gamal Mubarak, in a species of existing dynasty in the Coreia of the north and Cuba. The main place of Egyptian manifestations were the Square Tahrir, a well suggestive name, therefore it means ‘ ‘ Libertao’ ‘ , where also they are the Egyptian Museum and the feared Ministry of the Interior.

Between Tahrir and the tower of the state TV is the embassy of Brazil, of where, probably, we had the first images seen in Brazil, restricted to a stretch of the avenue Corniche El-Nil and to the place of mooring of the barks, in the edges of the Nile. The initial protests, of 25 of January, had been convoked in the Facebook, for the page Are Everything what Khaled Disse, a reference to the young Khaled Said, spanked until the death for policemen in Alexandria, in June of 2010.

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