Valdo Albuquerque

Also contrasting with the great mineral wealth that enriches the safes of the company, the team of news article of the Periodical the Regional one, (in 11/2008) if came across with a sad situation enters as much not focadas by the media, where two children, that they Mame look like to have between two and three years of age, were revirando garbage bags that were in the Esquire of the Street Apostolic Peter. Better to clarify the curses of the privatization, it is necessary asking in them: Who profited from the privatizations?

In as the semester of 2008, according to Altamiro Borges (Article 31/07/2008), the multinationals had sent to its matrices US$ 18,99 billion in profits (the equivalent more than the R$ 37 billion), a growth of 94% in relation the same the period of the last year. This value corresponds the three times almost budget of the Stock market family in 2008, that it was of R$ 10,4 billion. What the government Squid destined to the program stock market family who took care of about 40 million people. Second research of Valdo Albuquerque, of the periodical Hour of the People, the absence of control on the remittance of profit of the multinationals has the country departmentalization, being the main factor of increase of the deficit.

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