Max Weber

Actions thus proposals call the attention the professionals and counting that they do not pass of promises, they can motivate the vote. Proposals exist that calls the attention a white public, who is of the carrying people of deficiency, then the idea of one program of assistance and politics whom they promote the inclusion of them in the society, also guides the vote. Being this a still very great problem in the society, the attention that some candidate of to this cause, starts to be a differential. It is important to comment that many carrying people of deficiency are launching candidacy exactly to defend the rights of this group. We can associate the motivation of the vote, to the ideas of a sociologist very known who is Max Weber. It in its studies on the power politician and legitimacy of this, concluded that three types of domination on the part of the authorities exist, is they: to be able traditional, to be able charismatic and to be able legal/rational.

In the traditional vision, who withholds the authority is called Sir or patriarch and the ones that are under its orders are called subjects. In this case the people if subordinate to this type of authority for belief. It would not be an electoral reason but yes, one forms to accept the representative only for tradition. In the charismatic power, the authority withholds an uncommon personal quality, is charismatic, had as hero, possessor of the intellectual power and the oratria, for these reasons it gains followers. Many candidates in Brazil are elect here exactly for the charismatic power that they have, mainly the representatives of popular governments. Here in Alagoas we can cite the current mayor of Macei, Ccero Almeida that have the great affection of the population and the former-president of the republic and current candidate to the government Fernando Collor who mainly possesss many followers for its oratria and trajectory considered for some as heroic.

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