This we do not want. (Teacher 2) In accordance with the reflection of the teachers, the educator ideal would be that compromissado with the integral development of its learning, and to be educator it is necessary to go beyond the wage, because to think only about the money it does not compensate, is necessary commitment, devotion, ousadia, not to have limits so that the success occurs in fact in its educandos. Today, the values are if losing, still if it wants to form pupils who respect this conception of life, however what if he sees they are educandos walking of meeting to the ideal waited of education. The professors today are still not chosen by its abilities, abilities, but for indications, what he finishes harming in the formation of a citizen capable to question its rights. The educator must not have fear of educating that he questions and he searchs new information, in detriment of those offered by the professor, in contrast, it needs to value this type of being educated, because it will be that the difference in this unjust society will make, exculpatory and prejudiced. Leaving of the above-mentioned information, he questions yourself: the education could be considered an act economic politician and/or? Yes. Economic politician and the time all.

The human being is politician and the education is an act politician. Nobody educates alone, the education happens in the collective, the interaction with other people. If it cannot think the education without politics thus because it does not move and will always continue the same one. It does not have as to think about education without thinking about remuneration. It is the historical materialism. The necessary professor if to equip of definitive resources so that he can extend and improve practical its. In this contemporaneidade we can say that the education is the filo of the economy.

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