Ednardo One

Through seeming of its representative in Luanda, minister Ovdio de Andrade Melo, the Brazilian government would become the first one to recognize the Popular Republic of Angola, proclaimed for the Popular Movement of Release of Angola (MPLA) shortly after to consolidate its control on the capital of the country. Although hardly criticized in the occasion, this decision was fortified by the evolution of the war civil, favorable to the MPLA, as in the same way it would come its government later, exactly of $marxist-Leninist trend to be recognized for the majority of the countries of the world. Also in 14 of November, the Itamarati would announce the establishment of diplomatical relations in level of embassy with Moambique, another old Portuguese colony in Africa and also governed at this time for the leaders of the $marxist-Leninist guerrilla of trend. Internally, still in 1974, the elections for the parliament, government of president Geisel also would come to accept the defeat for the MDB, broken of opposition to its government, when it obtained to choose 16 senators in important States of the Federacy, even so still it had the majority in the Senate through giving to its political party, the ENCLOSURE FOR BULLFIGHTING. The group of benches of representatives of the MDB also would increase considerably arriving to exceed 150 (one hundred and fifty) members and the ENCLOSURE FOR BULLFIGHTING being had a considerable reduction with less than 200 (two hundred) members of the house of representatives, even so still kept the majority. In day 26 of October of 1975, general Ednardo D? Avila Melo, commander of II the Army, had distributed official note communicating that journalist Vladimir Herzog is joined died for hanging in one of the cells of the Center of Operations for the Internal Defense, on to the Department of Internal Operations and known by the acronym DOI-CODI, responsible military organism for the coordination of the diverse centers of policy politics in each region.

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